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mSpy is an application available for PC as well as for mobile phones. The purpose of it stands in its name – it’s a “spy” application. What does this mean? If you have children and you want to have an insight of what are they doing in their free time or what pages are they visiting, it’s possible to check those things out with the mSpy.

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Overall Score

It offers a lot of beneficiary features such as monitoring emails and messages received or sent on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

This software is also capable of tracking GPS locations, movements, calendar entries, stored files, and more. You can also block certain websites, check browsing history. The best thing about this piece of software is that you can do all of this remotely and in real time. It is compatible with the majority of modern smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, and more.

If you’re suspicious about your significant other’s behavior, or if you’re just concerned about the safety of your child, don’t hesitate to buy and download this program, it will come in handy.

Some handy features

  • Facebook
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Putting limits on certain aspects

mSpy has a great feature which will allow you to restrict certain web addresses or even forbid incoming calls from particular numbers. Putting limits is a great benefit because you have mere control of your child’s activities. Children and teenagers love surfing the web; they are the first generation of true technological wonders, so it’s reasonable. However, the Internet is full of dangers lurking in every corner. Cyberbullying, underage pornography, and malicious viruses are just the tip of the iceberg. Restricting certain web addresses can help you to prevent these things from happening. Although you cannot have the full control over your child’s device, you can preserve their safety and keep their behavior within a reasonable limit within tolerable boundaries. Communicating with other anonymous people on the Internet is a double-edged sword. You have the ability to reduce the risks with just a few clicks; don’t miss the opportunity to protect your loved ones from the dark corners of the Internet.


Key-logging is another great feature. It allows you to track everything that has been written by the user of a particular device you’re tracking. This feature has multiple uses. For example, you can track every picture and every document that was opened by the tracked user.

  • Facebook
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Furthermore, the passwords are also tracked, so by turning on the key-logger, you’ll get access to every password the traced subject inputs on their device. This method can be used to check certain emails, social network accounts, conversations, messages, and more.

One important thing you should keep in mind is that this feature is only available for Android users currently. However, there are plans for widening the service to other platforms soon.

Checking coordinates

Checking coordinates is, arguably, the best feature of this program. It allows you to track the movement of your child by connecting to the Wi-Fi hotspots near the tracked phone. In simpler words, you need to connect to one of the Wi-Fi hotspots on the tracked phone, and you’ll get all the information you need about the position of that particular hotspot. The benefits of this feature are pretty obvious. Every parent wants to know where their child is at any moment; this helps a lot. If God forbid, something happens to your child or anyone who’s using the tracked phone; you’ll have precise coordinates of their location thus helping the police or any other service to reach them. Some people argue that this is a severe abuse of one’s privacy, but the positive sides are just overwhelming. Having the ability to keep track of your loved one is the beauty of modern technology; don’t let it go to waste.

Monitoring one’s PC

As we said before, this program is also PC compatible. This means you can have an insight into someone’s personal computer as well. The principle is similar, and the features are the same. You can get access to email accounts through key-logging activities and check out if there are any potentially malicious emails in one’s inbox. Also, it’s great for tracking your employees. Large companies work with a lot of money, having this feature active on an employee’s PC will help you track the financial flows, important business sheets, and more.

You can also identify theft attempts, shared company secrets, and much more. If you’re concerned about your child’s activities on the Internet, you can ban and forbid certain websites, services, even social networks. Parental control is on a higher level than ever with this useful piece of software.

No Jailbreak needed

There is no need to install or download anything to use this program on iPhones. It’s one of the safer ways to use this program without altering or modifying the device. This benefit is great for people who want to monitor their children or employees via their iPhones, but don’t want to jailbreak it and lose their warranty. It’s important to remember that spying with this app isn’t possible without the iCloud username and password of a targeted individual. If you manage to obtain this information, you’ll get access to iMessages, Viber conversations, WhatsApp conversations, call history, calendar entries, and much more. Also, there’s a possibility of getting reports via an online control panel.

Other mentionable features

While these four features serve as a foundation for this program, there are much more within it. For example, you can track exact times when a user logged in or logged out from a particular service. This can help you if you have suspicions about your child’s daily activities. In simpler words, if your kid is in school and you get a notification of them logging into a particular service, which means they are not paying much attention to class. There are numerous ways to use this feature; this is only one of them.

  • Facebook
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Tracking particular words is also a possibility. Any phrase your child or employee decides to search will be presented to you as well. The benefits of this feature are pretty obvious. The so-called "trigger” words can help you to get an insight into one’s search history and easily figure out their intentions. As we said, the Internet is enormous, and it’s full of dark places. By having an idea of one’s search, you can determine their intentions, ideas, and plans. Many people prevented a lot of bad stuff from happening by using this particular feature. You can also make screenshots of someone’s desktop or any particular page and check out their agenda or progress.

If you have suspicions about which apps are being used on a tracked device, the application usage feature will come in handy. It allows you to get notifications about recently used and installed applications. Some of those applications may contain malicious software which can steal or invade the privacy of users. By having an insight into freshly installed applications, you can identify the potentially dangerous apps and just forbid access to them. It’s simple, easy, and anyone can do it. You don’t need any previous experience with similar apps nor do you need a vast IT knowledge.

Planned features in future updates

There are some features which should be added in future versions. For example, they are planning to improve their customer support even more. It’s difficult to have a quality customer support in the vast sea of smartphone applications; however, mSpy has one of the best customer supports available. They are available 24/7, and you can contact them via few different methods including Skype, email, chat, and more.

Preferred pages feature should also be added in future versions. This feature could help you analyze and determine valuable data about the personal preferences of your child or your loved one. For example, if you catch your child visiting drug-related websites, you’ll know it’s a giant red flag. Preferred pages will allow you to prevent certain visits before you get the chance to forbid and ban a particular web address.

The conclusion

mSpy is a super-cool app to have; there’s no doubt about that. Not only will it allow you to have some insights about the movement and personal preferences of your child or a loved one, but it will also allow you to reduce the amount of stress in your life. Every parent, employer, or a spouse is much calmer when they know everything is OK with the tracked person. It’s useful to know your child’s position at any moment because you can prevent certain occurrences. For example, if you child gets into any trouble, you’ll easily track them and react accordingly.

This app isn’t free, though. It comes in three packs (basic, family, and premium) and the price varies depending on which option you choose. However, it doesn’t come with a hefty price. This phone tracker is affordable and accessible. Even though some people argue about the privacy violations, if you use this software in a correct manner, it shouldn’t be perpetrated as a violation.

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