PhoneSheriff Review


PhoneSheriff is a powerful application designed for concerned parents, employers, and other people who want to have control over particular data going through various devices. This program if one of the best available parental control software on the market at the moment. Instead of constantly being concerned about your child’s safety, just download and install this piece of software on their device, and you’ll be able to see everything that’s happening on your kid’s social network profiles, chat rooms, browser, etc.


Overall Score

The best thing about this program is the stealth mode. In simpler words, the person who is being tracked won’t ever notice the program running in the background; it’s 100% undetectable. When the traced phone connects to the Internet, the PhoneSheriff will trace and log all the activities including posts, contacts, text messages, calendars, incoming calls, and more.

The traced activities will then be uploaded to your PhoneSheriff account which can be accessed at any time from any device.

This app is a useful and functional cell phone tracking program, and it’s recommended to anyone who wants to establish a certain amount of control over their children’s cell phones.

The features


As we said, this program has a lot of additional features. We will mention some of the most notable ones. Bear in mind; we won’t cover all of the features meaning that there are more features left to be discovered.

Monitoring text messages

Text messages are the most popular way of communication nowadays, especially among the younger population. While it’s a good thing to stay in touch with your friends throughout the day, it’s also a very dangerous thing because many predators and scammers are lurking on the Internet. These people pose a serious threat to your child’s safety. We all know how naive kids can be; that’s the main method these people use to deceive your child. Children have difficulties in differentiating the good from the bad and are prone to all kinds of scams which can lead to severe consequences, sometimes even kidnap.

Scams and frauds are a pretty common problem in today’s society, especially in the last few decades due to the development of technology. You can put an end to that and protect your child by installing this software. This particular feature will allow you to get an insight into every single text message that gets sent or received by the tracked device. One good thing is that this feature logs the messages automatically, which means you’ll still have all the messages even if the user decides to delete them from their device.


Monitoring the call history

PhoneSheriff will also let you monitor the call history on the tracked device. All incoming and outgoing calls and numbers are logged and stored in a special place. You will also get the information about the duration of a particular call, the time of it, and the date. The benefits of this feature are pretty obvious, to say the least. It’s a simple concept; you can track your child’s calls and identify dangerous numbers as well as unknown numbers. We all know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Visited websites

This feature lets you read the browsing history of the tracked device. You can search for certain keywords of phrases, or just revise the whole browsing history; it’s up to you. You can also check out every individual URL if you want, to identify potential hazards and dangers lurking underneath the surface. We all know that the Internet is a knowledge repository, but it’s also full of dark places and corners. As we said, children may not even be aware that they’re being scammed or lured into something dangerous, that’s why it’s good to have this feature and this program. You, as a parent, can influence the safety of your child and that’s what every parent strives for, right?

GPS tracking

This feature allows you to track your kid’s position and location at any time. This feature is, arguably, the best feature of this program. It’s hard to determine the magnitude of the risks sometimes, especially through text messages and methods that offer anonymity. By having a clear insight into the location of the tracked device, you don’t need to decipher the messages or look for hidden signs; everything is transparent and clear. The links of GPS location are provided by Google Maps which means that you’ll not only know the position of your child, but also get the necessary information about the surroundings and the environment, including driving directions, surrounding businesses, and more.

Email tracking

It wouldn’t be a good application without the email tracking feature. This feature allows you to download or view every single email that comes and goes on the tracked device. You will also get the full information about the recipient as well as the sender (although you already know who the sender is). There are many scams all over the Internet, but the email method is the most common one.


Children get tricked by interactive emails, interesting pictures, or fraudulent proposals, so it’s crucial for you to take control over their emails. However, you won’t get the full control per se, but you’ll have the full insight into all the activities around that particular email account.

Anti-kidnapping tool

Now, this is the number one reason you should buy this software if you ever consider it. If you have a child and you’re concerned about potential kidnapping, the anti-kidnapping tool is a great thing to have. It will secretly take pictures and record the surrounding sound when activated. It can also let you trace the path of the tracked device by using Google Maps. The sheer fact that you’re able to use Google Maps and the Street View is extremely helpful in situations which require a high state of alertness. This single feature is already worth the money; everything else might be considered as auxiliary.

Controlling the app

This particular application couldn’t be altered or updated remotely until now. The new 2.5 version offers remote access from any device including PCs, iPhones, iPads, and other. You can change any settings you want through the interactive control panel on your device without ever getting in physical contact with the tracked phone.

Setting up different alerts

You can setup the software to alert you on various occasions. For example, there’s a thing called a “profanity alert” which sends you a notification if profanity is used in emails and text messages sent from the tracked device. In simpler words, if you don’t want your child using profanities just ban certain words and wait for the notification. Once you get it, you’ll have the evidence in writing.

Intrusion alerts are being sent if someone tries to alter the settings you’ve set up within the software. If someone is trying to access a blocked website, you’ll get a notification. If someone does anything restricted on the tracked phone, you’ll get alerted. The principle is pretty simple.

Custom alerts are for specific keywords you decide to forbid and ban. For example, if you ban the word “alcohol” and your child uses it in their email or a text message, you’ll instantly get alerted. Some of the most common banned words used by most parents are beer, alcohol, drugs, guns, bombs, and so on. Conduct a research about the potentially dangerous words used in text messaging and ban them all.

Geo-Alerts are also useful for a concerned parent. You can forbid certain areas with this software as well. Although you cannot prevent your child from entering certain dangerous areas, you can set up their phone to send an alert every time your kid wonders in a non-safe area. This feature combined with the anti-kidnapping tool offers the highest levels of protection for one’s kid.

How does it work?


The principle is simple, as it is with any spy-type software. First of all, you need to buy the license and wait for the confirmation email. After that, follow the link and install the software on the device you want to track. That’s it; everything is set up and ready to use. The next step is to visit the online control panel and fine-tune the settings.

The conclusion

This program is a pretty cool application for parents who want to keep their children safe and who want to know the position of their child at any moment. If you want to keep your kids safe from dangers lurking all over the Internet, opting for PhoneSheriff might be the solution you’re looking for. It’s easy to use, easy to install, and most importantly – very useful. Instead of worrying about where your child is and which URLs it’s visiting, you can just integrate this program into their device and eliminate the unnecessary stress.

You should use these features to your advantage and use the modern technology to trace and monitor your kid’s activities, movement, and even behavior. Effective parental monitoring is crucial for the mental development of your kids, don’t miss the opportunity to make your job easier.

mSpy Review


mSpy is an application available for PC as well as for mobile phones. The purpose of it stands in its name – it’s a “spy” application. What does this mean? If you have children and you want to have an insight of what are they doing in their free time or what pages are they visiting, it’s possible to check those things out with the mSpy.

mspy phone tracker

Overall Score

It offers a lot of beneficiary features such as monitoring emails and messages received or sent on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

This software is also capable of tracking GPS locations, movements, calendar entries, stored files, and more. You can also block certain websites, check browsing history. The best thing about this piece of software is that you can do all of this remotely and in real time. It is compatible with the majority of modern smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, and more.

If you’re suspicious about your significant other’s behavior, or if you’re just concerned about the safety of your child, don’t hesitate to buy and download this program, it will come in handy.

Some handy features


Putting limits on certain aspects

mSpy has a great feature which will allow you to restrict certain web addresses or even forbid incoming calls from particular numbers. Putting limits is a great benefit because you have mere control of your child’s activities. Children and teenagers love surfing the web; they are the first generation of true technological wonders, so it’s reasonable. However, the Internet is full of dangers lurking in every corner. Cyberbullying, underage pornography, and malicious viruses are just the tip of the iceberg. Restricting certain web addresses can help you to prevent these things from happening. Although you cannot have the full control over your child’s device, you can preserve their safety and keep their behavior within a reasonable limit within tolerable boundaries. Communicating with other anonymous people on the Internet is a double-edged sword. You have the ability to reduce the risks with just a few clicks; don’t miss the opportunity to protect your loved ones from the dark corners of the Internet.


Key-logging is another great feature. It allows you to track everything that has been written by the user of a particular device you’re tracking. This feature has multiple uses. For example, you can track every picture and every document that was opened by the tracked user.


Furthermore, the passwords are also tracked, so by turning on the key-logger, you’ll get access to every password the traced subject inputs on their device. This method can be used to check certain emails, social network accounts, conversations, messages, and more.

One important thing you should keep in mind is that this feature is only available for Android users currently. However, there are plans for widening the service to other platforms soon.

Checking coordinates

Checking coordinates is, arguably, the best feature of this program. It allows you to track the movement of your child by connecting to the Wi-Fi hotspots near the tracked phone. In simpler words, you need to connect to one of the Wi-Fi hotspots on the tracked phone, and you’ll get all the information you need about the position of that particular hotspot. The benefits of this feature are pretty obvious. Every parent wants to know where their child is at any moment; this helps a lot. If God forbid, something happens to your child or anyone who’s using the tracked phone; you’ll have precise coordinates of their location thus helping the police or any other service to reach them. Some people argue that this is a severe abuse of one’s privacy, but the positive sides are just overwhelming. Having the ability to keep track of your loved one is the beauty of modern technology; don’t let it go to waste.

Monitoring one’s PC

As we said before, this program is also PC compatible. This means you can have an insight into someone’s personal computer as well. The principle is similar, and the features are the same. You can get access to email accounts through key-logging activities and check out if there are any potentially malicious emails in one’s inbox. Also, it’s great for tracking your employees. Large companies work with a lot of money, having this feature active on an employee’s PC will help you track the financial flows, important business sheets, and more.

You can also identify theft attempts, shared company secrets, and much more. If you’re concerned about your child’s activities on the Internet, you can ban and forbid certain websites, services, even social networks. Parental control is on a higher level than ever with this useful piece of software.

No Jailbreak needed

There is no need to install or download anything to use this program on iPhones. It’s one of the safer ways to use this program without altering or modifying the device. This benefit is great for people who want to monitor their children or employees via their iPhones, but don’t want to jailbreak it and lose their warranty. It’s important to remember that spying with this app isn’t possible without the iCloud username and password of a targeted individual. If you manage to obtain this information, you’ll get access to iMessages, Viber conversations, WhatsApp conversations, call history, calendar entries, and much more. Also, there’s a possibility of getting reports via an online control panel.

Other mentionable features

While these four features serve as a foundation for this program, there are much more within it. For example, you can track exact times when a user logged in or logged out from a particular service. This can help you if you have suspicions about your child’s daily activities. In simpler words, if your kid is in school and you get a notification of them logging into a particular service, which means they are not paying much attention to class. There are numerous ways to use this feature; this is only one of them.


Tracking particular words is also a possibility. Any phrase your child or employee decides to search will be presented to you as well. The benefits of this feature are pretty obvious. The so-called "trigger” words can help you to get an insight into one’s search history and easily figure out their intentions. As we said, the Internet is enormous, and it’s full of dark places. By having an idea of one’s search, you can determine their intentions, ideas, and plans. Many people prevented a lot of bad stuff from happening by using this particular feature. You can also make screenshots of someone’s desktop or any particular page and check out their agenda or progress.

If you have suspicions about which apps are being used on a tracked device, the application usage feature will come in handy. It allows you to get notifications about recently used and installed applications. Some of those applications may contain malicious software which can steal or invade the privacy of users. By having an insight into freshly installed applications, you can identify the potentially dangerous apps and just forbid access to them. It’s simple, easy, and anyone can do it. You don’t need any previous experience with similar apps nor do you need a vast IT knowledge.

Planned features in future updates

There are some features which should be added in future versions. For example, they are planning to improve their customer support even more. It’s difficult to have a quality customer support in the vast sea of smartphone applications; however, mSpy has one of the best customer supports available. They are available 24/7, and you can contact them via few different methods including Skype, email, chat, and more.

Preferred pages feature should also be added in future versions. This feature could help you analyze and determine valuable data about the personal preferences of your child or your loved one. For example, if you catch your child visiting drug-related websites, you’ll know it’s a giant red flag. Preferred pages will allow you to prevent certain visits before you get the chance to forbid and ban a particular web address.

The conclusion

mSpy is a super-cool app to have; there’s no doubt about that. Not only will it allow you to have some insights about the movement and personal preferences of your child or a loved one, but it will also allow you to reduce the amount of stress in your life. Every parent, employer, or a spouse is much calmer when they know everything is OK with the tracked person. It’s useful to know your child’s position at any moment because you can prevent certain occurrences. For example, if you child gets into any trouble, you’ll easily track them and react accordingly.

This app isn’t free, though. It comes in three packs (basic, family, and premium) and the price varies depending on which option you choose. However, it doesn’t come with a hefty price. This phone tracker is affordable and accessible. Even though some people argue about the privacy violations, if you use this software in a correct manner, it shouldn’t be perpetrated as a violation.

iKeyMonitor Review


iKeyMonitor is mainly a key logger with auxiliary features which make it seem like a program which can be used for spying. This peculiar combination of different elements within this software makes it a hybrid mixture of key logging services and cell phone tracking services as well.


Overall Score

Everyone is vulnerable in this modern era of high technology. Hackers and other groups of people who are in the business of stealing information and controlling other people’s devices are a constant threat to the society. The way you can put an end to it is simple, just opt for iKeyMonitor and your troubles will go away. It’s always better to prevent certain things instead of fixing the damage done. Needless to say, key logging is the main feature of this program, and it’s one of the best keyloggers available on the market at the moment.

If you want to get a better insight into some of the other features this program has to offer, keep reading this article.

We will try to bring all of the important features closer to you thus allowing you to revise and decide whether or not to buy it. So, without further ado, here are some of the additional features of iKeyMonitor.

iKeyMonitor features


The keylogger

Tracking keys is the main feature of this program. Keylogging is a simple process, and it can be used by anyone, regardless of your previous experience with these things. It will allow you to log and record every password and username used on the tracked device. Furthermore, it doesn’t only log passwords; it logs everything! You can view pasted texts, hidden characters, time and date when the keywords were used, and so on. As we said, this is the main feature of this program, and everything revolves around it. Also, this is one of the best keyloggers on the market currently.

Tracking SMS

If you’re concerned about your child’s safety, tracking their text messages might come in handy. You can track the outgoing as well as incoming messages with ease. You’ll get the full insight into the recipient’s number, as well as the all additional information regarding the person in question. SMS messages often reveal useful information you might not get in any other way.


This feature can help you identify potential hazards and dangers lurking around. If your kid is getting suspicious messages from unknown numbers, it’s a good idea to install this program on their device and track down the dangers. Every parent wants the best for their children, and this is one of the mandatory steps you need to take to save your child from external influences.

Tracking Web activities

If you’re concerned that your child or your employees have tendencies to use the wrong types of websites, this is the perfect service for you. You can track every address accessed from the tracked device and identify which websites are being visited. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are hazardous, but having an insight can’t be harmful. You can also forbid certain websites with particular keywords such as drugs, sex, terrorism, etc.

Chat logging

WhatsApp has become one of the leading messaging platforms in the world in the past few years, especially among young people. More and more individuals are using this app on a daily basis which is a double-edged sword. While it’s pretty good for meeting new people and communicating with your friends, it’s also dangerous because it’s easily accessible to predators and people who have harmful intentions towards others. With the chat logging feature, you can log and record every message that goes through WhatsApp on the tracked device.

You’ll have some control over your child’s text messages, but the most important thing is that you’ll be able to identify potential dangers. It’s easy for an adult to differentiate good from bad, but it’s not that easy for a child to do it. That’s why you need to have this service available as a responsible parent. You’ll also help yourself in a way that you won’t be stressed out about where is your child and what is it doing.

Tracking Social Networks

Social networks are the most popular way of communication between young people nowadays. It’s inevitable to have a profile on these networks, which is fine. The problem emerges when your child becomes a target of fake profiles which are only a screen for severe scams, frauds, even kidnapping. There are some pretty bad people present on social networks who have elaborated methods of deception and child abuse. You can easily prevent this from happening by tracking the activities of the tracked device on social networks. You can quickly identify the dangers by using this feature. Instead of thinking about the possible consequences, try to thing about the prevention methods, you’ll find it much easier to cope with the situation. You kid’s Facebook and Twitter profile won’t remain a mystery to you if you opt for this program.

Making screenshots

You can setup the service to make random screenshots at specific times. In simpler words, you can setup the time interval in which you want to make screenshots of the tracked device. This feature can help you track certain activities which can’t be tracked with any other service or feature offered. The best part about this is that you can do it as much as you like and your activity won’t be noticed by the user of the tracked phone.

Get logs via email or FTP

You can “order” specific email logs to be delivered to your account through an FTP website. This means that you don’t need to track certain activities in real time, you can simply review them after a while. The FTP delivery lets you upload screenshots and email notes as well as some other customizable options. Overall, it’s a good feature for people who don’t have much time on their hands and for those who can’t revise certain things in real time.


The remote access

The remote access is a pretty simple service, and almost every spy-like program has it. You can access, alter, and erase the iKeyMonitor from any device including PCs, iPads, iPhones, and much more. You can also turn the program on and off, remotely. This benefit is great because you don’t need to get in contact with the tracked device to make adjustments, update, or erase the program; it’s all possible from the comfort of your home.

Stealth, Languages, Price, and compatibility

As far as the stealth goes, this program is undetectable. The person using the tracked device won’t ever notice the software running in the background. Regarding the stealth aspect, iKeyMonitor is one of the best on the market. It is very hard to trace it, and even the best experts have difficulties with identifying whether or not it’s running on a particular device. In simpler words, you don’t have to worry about someone figuring it out; it’s unlikely to happen.

There are almost a dozen language packs available within this software including French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and more.

As far as the price goes, it’s pretty attractive, to say the least. They constantly have various promotions and discounts for new users. It’s pretty affordable, and it’s worth every single penny. With just around a hundred dollars for a yearly subscription, it’s one of the cheapest ones around. Also, the price-to-usefulness ratio is immeasurable.

The compatibility is pretty standard. This program is compatible with Android devices as well as jailbroken iOS devices. Bear in mind, units that aren’t jailbroken won’t work with this program.

This being said, if you need an advanced piece of software for tracking your child or employee, it’s better to opt for something else. This program isn’t an advanced piece of technology, but it you need the basic features only – it’s a jackpot. Even though they have had problems with some translations and the official website design, they are still respect-worthy, nonetheless.

The conclusion

As we said, if you need an advanced piece of software, avoid this one. It is a basic program with a bunch of basic features. However, being basic doesn’t necessarily mean being bad. In fact, the iKeyMonitor is not bad at all. With the affordable price and the ease of use, it’s one of the better-ranking cell phone trackers on the market. The modern times of high technology require a high state of alertness, and this is one of the best and painless ways to do it. If you’re concerned about your child’s safety or your employee’s loyalty, don’t hesitate to use this program.

The installation is simple, and it doesn’t require a vast IT knowledge. In fact, it can be used and installed by anyone, regardless of their prior experience with these types of programs. The ultimate question remains unanswered until now – Is it worth buying this program? The simplest answer is – Yes, it is.

Don’t expect a lot, but you can expect a flawless performance of the included features.

Highster Mobile Review


Highster is a cell phone tracker program which will allow you to monitor and track any device you want. If you’re concerned about the activities and the movement of your loved ones, colleagues, or anyone for that matter, just install this piece of software onto their device and start tracking different data. The best part of this particular program is that it’s compatible with Android devices as well as iOS devices including iPads, iPods, and other. Also, one of the main benefits of this program is its affordability. This program is one of the cheapest yet useful ones for phone tracking on the market at the moment.


Overall Score

The package contains a lot of valuable features including GPS tracking, message monitoring, browser history manipulation, and much more. The Internet is usually a pretty cool place, but bear in mind that cyber bullying and predators are a real thing nowadays, especially if you have a child who uses social networks and other applications of interactive nature. It’s much easier to protect your child from potential dangers by having an insight into their web history and emails, instead of putting them under pressure and high amounts of stress.

Also, if you’re an employer, you can track the activities of you employees and revise their reports, emails, business sheets, and more.

Overall, if you want to establish control over someone’s Android or iOS device, just install this software.

Some of the notable features


As we said, these types of software contain some useful features which can help you protect your child’s safety, monitor your worker’s business plans to ensure the safety of your business, and more. This is a list of just a few of the many crucial features this program has to offer.

Monitoring text messages

We all know that text messages became popular many years ago and they still stand for one of the most popular basic ways of communication. However, it’s a double-edged sword, especially when it comes down to children. Many criminals and predators use text messaging as a primary bait method because they can falsely introduce themselves as someone of your child’s age or someone of the opposite sex. Children tend to be naive and credulous thus being vulnerable to scams and other methods of deception. It’s crucial for every parent to have an insight into their child’s activities and this phone tracker is the perfect solution.


Monitoring phone calls

This program also allows you to monitor outgoing and incoming phone calls. You will get full information about the number, duration of the call, and the date when it occurred. This feature will allow you to gather crucial data and evidence about a particular call or a number you find suspicious. You can easily run a back check and identify the potential danger. The benefits are pretty obvious.

User-friendly control panel

The Highster Mobile app has a great control panel with a simple yet impactful design. You’ll get access to all of the offered features through an interactive control panel. As we said, it’s a straightforward program, so don’t worry about the knowledge requirements, they are minimal. This control panel is designed for single moms as well as for engineers; the level of required skills is the same for both. That’s what makes this program so great, the accessibility and ease of use.

GPS location tracking

You will be able to track the device with very high precision. By channeling the Wi-Fi hotspots and using state-of-the-art GPS technology, this program can not only track one’s movement but also give you a history of their movement by using the map integrated into the control panel.


In simpler words, you’ll get a nice graphic presentation of one’s movement. This feature is great for checking your child’s position or your employee’s location as well. This option is, arguably, one of the best features this program has to offer.

Camera, Photos, and browsing history

The camera feature is also one of the crucial ones. You can remotely control the subject’s camera and take secret pictures. Many possible situations come to mind, for example, you could take a picture of a particular room the device is in. This way you’ll have some evidence or a starting point if something goes wrong. All of the pictures taken with the tracked cell phone will be available to you too. These pictures come with additional information such as the date they were taken or the time they were taken. Small pieces of information are cardinal in urgent situations, and they can save lives.

Email monitoring

This feature is pretty self-explanatory. You can monitor all incoming and outgoing emails on a particular account. Besides reading the emails, you will also be able to identify the recipient's address as well as senders address. This feature will give you an insight into the activities happening under your company’s email accounts, or your child’s accounts. As we said, identifying a potential risk in early stages is much more manageable than trying to repair the damage which has already been done. Some might consider it as a privacy abuse; other think it’s mandatory in some cases. After all, it’s up to you to decide. As far as monitoring goes, you can also monitor your child’s activities on various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We all know that social networks are a hotbed for predators and criminals, don’t miss the chance to prevent bad things from happening.

How does it work?


The principle of this program is pretty simple. You will have to install it on the device you want to track. Don’t worry, though; the software is unnoticeable. It will run in the background and never show itself to the tracked user. In simpler words, the one who you decided to track will never know or notice that you installed this particular software on their phone.

Once you’re done with the installation process, you can access the Highster Mobile control panel via any device of your choice such as PC, laptops, tablets, and so on. After that, you’ll link the device with the software which you installed on the phone you want to track. That particular control panel will be your “base” for monitoring certain activities like shared images, emails, text messages, etc.

Overall, it’s not hard to get a hold of this program. You don’t need any previous experience nor do you need to be an expert for spy software. It’s very user-friendly, and anyone can use it. You’ll be figuring out the tricks and features within minutes.

Installation guide


The installation process is simple, and it lasts only a minute or two. You need to open your phone’s browser and redirect it to the download page. After the download, run the app and install it. After the installation process is done, simply enter the phone number of the tracked device and activate it by using your license key. If you get the “Registration successful” message, you’re done.

After installing it, you can log in from any remote computer and view logs, read email, and use all other features via the interactive control panel. One of the good things about this step is that you don’t need to jailbreak your phone if you’re using iOS. There is a no-jailbreak version available, just opt for that one. You can start monitoring activities right away after installation; there’s no need to setup anything else; you’re locked and loaded.

The conclusion

The Highster Mobile app is very similar to other spying apps on the market. However, there’s one notable difference – the price. While other spy programs offer auxiliary features for a certain amount of money, this one offers a full package for a unique price. Once you buy a license for this program, you won’t have to think about it ever again. Because of this benefit, the Highster Mobile app is one of the top recommended ones for monitoring activities remotely. Children are especially vulnerable and easy to deceive. If you don’t want to interdict modern technology to your child but still want to have some control over their behavior, opting for this program won’t be a mistake.

One thing you need to think about when deciding between these types of programs is the affordability. Beware of the hidden mandatory micropayment methods; it’s a pretty common thing nowadays. You may find a cheaper program (although it’s highly unlikely). However, you won’t realize that buying a license for it is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll be surprised by the number of inevitable micropayments within a program. Well, that’s not the case with the Highster Mobile application. You’ll get the exact thing that you paid for, nothing more and nothing less. One more mentionable thing about these guys is the customer support department. Namely, they have one of the best customer supports in the business. You can contact them whenever you want, and they will respond as soon as possible. The response time is relatively quick and satisfactory. The final verdict is simple – If you’re concerned about your child’s safety or your employee's intentions, feel free to buy this program, you won’t regret a thing.

FlexiSPY Review


FlexiSPY is not just another mobile spying program; it’s one of the most advanced ones on the market. Having a high-quality cell phone tracking program in the sea of various mobile apps is a pretty respect-worthy success. If you ever feel like protecting your child from Internet predators and potential dangers, feel free to opt for this piece of software. The modern technology has brought great wonders upon us, but some are pretty grim.

Cyberbullying and sexually deviant predators are a real threat nowadays, and every responsible parent should have a particular method of protection. If you don’t trust your child or you just want to have an insight into their activities 24/7, then this program might be the real deal for you. However, before opting for this phone tracker, bear in mind that it’s one of the complicated ones when it comes down to the ease of use.

While others have a pretty simple interface and are easy to use, FlexiSPY requires some previous experience and some IT knowledge. Even though it’s considered as a fairly complicated piece of software, don’t despair, anyone can get a hold of it with some practice.

Mentionable features of FlexiSPY


There are many different cell phone tracking features within this program. We will review the most important ones, which doesn't mean there aren’t any other features in this program. These are only the basic ones; however, there are plenty of auxiliary features besides these.

First of all, FlexiSPY comes in two different versions, Premium and Extreme version. The premium version offers some of the basic options you can find in any other spying software. On the other hand, the Extreme version offers call recording and call intercepting. There is a comparison chart available on their official website; it can come in handy if you have any dilemmas about which package to choose. In simpler words, if you’re not sure which one to buy, just go to their website and use the chart, it’s simple.

The Premium version


Overall Score

The premium version comes with the basic features you’d expect from any other spying software. It will record chat messages, logs, pictures, videos, websites, and more. This program also tracks and records activities on the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on.

This feature is great if you want to have an idea of your child’s activities. Sometimes children tend to be naive and credulous; it’s up to you to show them the right way and protect them from all the bad things lurking on the Internet.

A keyword notification is one of the basic features of the premium version. The principle is pretty simple. Whenever a certain keyword is used on the tracked device, you’ll get a notification. The benefits of this option are obvious. For example, if you setup an alarm for the word “sex,” you’ll get notified every time your child inputs the word “sex” in their phone. These notifications can be sent to you via email or SMS text. This service is, naturally, used for monitoring the use of unique words such as drugs, sex, terrorism, violence, and other.

Application management is also a part of the premium version. This feature lets you control and manage certain applications on the tracked device. It means that you can install, erase, and fine-tune the programs on the tracked device and the owner of it will never notice. This “silent” way of altering applications on one’s device allows you to establish some control over various “shady” programs. Many of today’s games and apps have malicious “worms” within the source code and can implement all kinds of dangerous utilities into the device. We all know that kids love playing games and having fun with interactive programs which make them an easy target for hacking, stealing information, or even controlling the device remotely.

Remote updates are useful because you don’t have to hold the tracked device to update or tune the software. You can do it remotely via your PC, iPad, or any other device. This feature is good because you’ll avoid being suspicious to your kid or employee. Instead of always asking for the tracked device, you’ll just control it remotely. You can also update the software and add new features without ever getting in physical contact with the tracked device.

The Extreme version


Overall Score

The Extreme version is where all the good things are. This extreme version is the thing which separated this program from the other ones on the market. With this type of subscription, you’ll get three basic additions worth mentioning. However, this doesn’t mean that’s it; these are just the most important ones.

The first one is the ability to intercept calls. What this means is that you can get “hooked” on a phone call, as a third member, without being noticed by the participants.

So, it’s like a conference or a group call, but with one crucial difference – no one knows you’re there. Your phone will stay muted for the whole duration of the call, so you don’t have to worry about being noticed. The only requirement is that the tracked phone needs to have the 3-way calling available and turned on. It’s impossible to activate this service if the tracked device doesn’t have the 3-way calling service available. So, before activating this feature, make sure you’ve enabled the 3-way option on the targeted unit.

The most valuable tool of the Extreme version is the Keylogger. Figuring out the passwords and certain codes won’t be an issue anymore. You can track every password with this feature. It will log and record every single thing the user inputs while this service is active. In simpler words, you’ll get an insight in every password that was used while the software was up and running. Also, you’ll be able to access the information from the dashboard meaning you won’t have to hassle to find the passwords; it will all be displayed and delivered through the interactive interface of the FlexiSPY’s control panel.

Sound recording is the last mentionable feature from the Extreme package. The way it works is pretty straightforward. It uses the device’s built-in microphone to record and pick up the sounds from the environment. It’s great for meetings you’re unable to attend, conferences, and much more.

For additional information and a more detailed insight into the features of the Extreme package, please refer to their official website.

How does it work?


FlexiSPY is a straightforward program which can be used by anyone. The interface is good, interactive, and easy to use, even for people who are not so comfortable with new technologies. All you need to do is install the software on the device you want to track and that’s it. If you have any problems along the way, their customer support is more than ready to help you via different methods such as Skype, calls, emails, and even video tutorials.


If you run into difficulties, don’t hesitate to refer to their FAQ page. There is a lot of useful advice over there. Also, they have a section with video tutorials for people who like learning through visual aspects instead of reading the manual, which is great.

Overall, you shouldn’t experience any difficulties throughout the installation process, and if you do, just contact their customer support, you’ll solve the problem in no time.

One of the main good things about this program is its compatibility with a wide range of different operating systems and devices. It’s compatible with Android units, iPhones, Blackberry, and Nokia Symbian phones. If you don’t manage to find your device on the list of supported devices, check back often because they update the list on a regular basis. The constant updates are also an indicator of how devoted the company is to a particular product. Well, FlexiSPY is a subject of constant updates which means they do care about it and care about improving the overall experience with this program.

The conclusion

FlexiSPY is a reliable and an exclusive program for data tracking. The ability to choose from different packages allows you to fine-tune the program according to your personal preferences. The premium pack is affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to try it. It’s quite useful to have this kind of control and insight in today’s world which is full of predators and malicious software. Every parent wants to protect their child as best as possible. Also, every employer wants to control their business in every aspect. That is the sole purpose of this program – controlling malicious content and being up-to-date with your kid’s activities.

As far as legal terms go, you’re safe as long as you don’t install this software on someone else’s device. Abusing the system by installing this software on random devices is punishable by law. However, if you’re the owner of the device, it’s perfectly fine to install this program on it. You might find the Extreme pack a bit pricey in comparison to other similar software on the market, but rest assured that it’s worth every penny. You’ll get the key logging service for free if you opt for the Extreme pack.

Smart way to check your partner’s suspicious phone activity

track a cell phone location

Is your mind troubled with thoughts related to your partner’s suspicious activity that are occurring in the past month or so? Having trust issues is never a good thing when being in relationship, it has proved to have devastating effects over and over again. Being able to trust each other is one, if not the most important, part of sustaining a meaningful romantic relationship. What happens if there is no such thing as mutual trust is that jealousy, over time, starts to rip the very essence of what was once a promising romantic bond. There is a way, actually, to keep that uncertainty and jealous thoughts for yourself. Everybody are using phones these days, so they contain a lot of information about personal life in text messages, messengers, private profiles of many social media services etc.

track your partner's location

What if, the only way of acquiring information regarding your partner’s location and activities, would consider that you use a GPS phone locator?

check partner's suspicious activityThis would be an invaluable method of finding out if your partner is having an affair with his/her secretary/boss or Pilates instructor without exposing yourself. Many applications found online can provide this exact services, where you will stay anonymous while keeping track of your partner’s posts on social media networks, activities, text messages, phone calls and location. Some of them even have options of recording your partner’s conversations without them even knowing about it.

The companies that created these applications, intended its use mainly for parents that want to keep their children safe by tracking their activities. Other uses were found apparently.

In order to download such application, the companies that developed them made sure they are legally covered by demanding users consent. What better way to do this, without your partner knowing they did it, then to wait for them to go to shower or jogging, leaving their phone within your reach.

trace a mobile device

This way you can have full control, by gathering information and possible proof of an affair that has been going on behind your back. Proving it was just imagination, paranoia and jealousy combined that created this illusion of your partner’s sexual activity with another person can give you serenity that you so much needed. If this was the case, there will be nothing to fear, for your love for one another is true and unique. No longer will you spend nights stressing yourself, as scenarios of your partner’s random sexual encounters pile up in your head leaving you with nothing but insomnia. So without emptying your wallets by paying private investigators to follow your loved ones and collect information about their everyday activities, save yourself some time and trouble and download your own digital private eye. Be warned that information that you may find can be hard to bare, where truth is known to hurt the most. Ignorance is bliss, but this rule does not imply if trust issues are found in relationships that were previously considered promising or one of a kind.

Simple way to track your lost or stolen phone

Today we live in such a time when we can not picture our day without checking the phone for calls, messages, social networks, use it to listen to our favourite song, play games, browse the internet, etc. Mobile phones have become an almost inseparable part of human everyday life , so we are almost unable to live without them. Research has shown that the average person unlocks his/her phone 110 times a day. So, what happens when you check your pocket, or your purse, and realize that it is not there? You panic of course. After a long rummage through your purse and looking around nearby you start to feel anxious and hopeless. Do not worry, it’s not the end of the world. Take a deep breath and stay calm because with this simple instaphonetracker app you can track your phone and locate it in matter of seconds.

find stolen phone device

How does this work? You don’t have to go to the police or search for your International Mobile Equipment Identification number, all you need to know is your phone number. By using this app you can save yourself a lot of trouble and manage to track cell phone location free of charge. This works with Android devices, Windows mobile devices and iOS.

find lost cell phone

mobile-location-trackerNowadays every smartphone has internal GPS device installed, which comes in handy when it comes to these kind of situations. When starting the application, you need to enter your phone number and then through the satellite connection with your GPS mobile device, you will get the notification of your phone’s whereabouts. It will redirect you to a general area of your stolen or lost mobile phone. Simple as that. Also, for accurate pinpointing you have to complete given human verification so we can be sure that bots can’t abuse the application. All you need is internet connection and with just a few clicks you will get the accurate position pointed out on the map. Patience is the real key when you lose your phone, just proceed wisely and don’t panic. If your phone is stolen it means that someone has access to your important passwords, e – mail messages, contacts , photos and everything you keep on your phone. This is a sure threat to your privacy and to important data from your mobile device. So until you get to your phone we advise you to use a remote lock so you can protect your privacy. This function is very useful and it can come in handy until you return your cell phone.

How GPS location tracking works

Did you ever notice those incredibly accurate location-based suggestions that pop up in your daily web search for nearest pharmacy? It seems like every time you’re looking something up on your phone, the nearest places related to that particular words are shown. It is obvious that your location is being tracked in order to provide you closest search results in your vicinity. But how does this work?

Global Positioning System of shortly GPS is the American system, similar to Russian GLONASS or the Chinese BeiDou-2, that provides space based navigation allowing location related information available anywhere on the planet where there is line of sight with one of four GPS satellites orbiting the globe. The same principle of acquiring information is applied for phone location services that can track a phone number location.

find a cell phone gps location

At any given moment, no matter where you are located in the planet, you have direct line of site with GPS satellites. This is possible because this satellites calculate locations in all tree dimension by timing how long it takes for the signal to reach your device. It enables the Global Positioning System to pinpoint your position to within a few meters.

track a phone numberSIM-based tracking works on similar principle, where surrounding network antennas receive your phone’s signal, that SIM card emits, pinpointing your location with the same surgical precision. This has proven to be a very useful system in modern society. Tracking phone location, or other devices that support GPS system, saved numerous lives including the ones from reports of lost hiking expeditions.

In simple words, this means your phone sends small electronic breadcrumbs even if you did not make any calls or used your phone in any other way. All it takes is that you have at least one bar on your signal indicator. This signal provides constant connection to all nearby cell towers, making them locate your position with ease. As long as there are no large obstructions that can block sending and receiving of the signal, you will always be connected in a way.

So is this a good or a bad thing?

As long as you are not involved in any kind of criminal activity that requires from you to hide your location, this is definitely a good thing. It allows you to gather information online faster, given that it is processed in such way that only most relevant results, compared to your previous interests, are shown as the search result.

track a device using gps

So be sure to bring your phone with you anywhere you go. Being that is of great use, when hiking or just exploring streets of the city that you’ve never been to before. Weather, three’s, event atmosphere can affect the accuracy of locations systems such as GPS. So sometimes they will be slightly off, pinpointing your location 5 miles from the place that you are actually. Give it another try, in ten minutes or so, and it will show exactly what your position is. Technology is improving as we speak, where inventions such as GPS systems are being born every day providing us with faster ways of connecting with one another.

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